SURGE: EGAME Directions

If you would like to play Fuzzy Chronicles, SURGE Next, or SURGE Symbolic follow the instructions on this page.  If you would like to download and to download and play the older SURGE CLASSIC from our first grant click here. 

Important: You need a relatively new version of the Mozilla Firefox browser or the Google Chrome  browser (not Safari or Internet Explorer) to play SURGE Next, Fuzzy Chronicles, or  SURGE Symbolic. You also need the FLASH browser plug-in to play SURGE Next or Fuzzy Chronicles, but not for SURGE Symbolic. 

Teachers! If you would like to run Surge in your classrooms using your own access code and your own teacher account on WISE 4, please contact our teacher coordinator, Jamie Kook ( kookjc6 at gmail dot com), and she will help you set up your classroom for some physics fun!


1. Create a free "student account" on WISE from Berkeley University (

2. While creating your student account, use the following access codes for the different games. Try them all!

Access Code for Fuzzy Chronicles = Yeti244

Access Codes for SURGE Next and SURGE Symbolic coming soon!

Once you enter the access code, you must click on show class periods, and then select period 1.

3. Click Sign In after writing down your username and password.

4.  After you sign in, click "Run Project" to begin playing. Or, click add project to enter the access code for the other versions of SURGE.

6. You click on the stars and planets that are connected with the dotted line on the map to choose a level.  

7.  IMPORTANT: You can always return to the star map by clicking the "Star Map" link at the top right of any page or level. Whenever you are done with a level or ready to try another one, click the "Star Map" link.   


8. Enjoy! And let us know how you like our games!